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Privacy Policy
These days, with the amount of online identity theft and internet fraud taking place, we all need to take the best precautionary measures in order to protect our personal data. It’s obvious that users will be most concerned about this issue when they submit their details to any website to purchase products or services. We strongly believe that it is our duty to secure their information so that it remains private and protected. The information that you submit to our site will never be disclosed or used without your permission. In asserting this, we remain committed to providing our users with a safe and secure experience.

The Express Aim of Our Privacy Policy
This current privacy statement has been produced in order to provide you with a better overview of how we intend to use your personal data. We need to remind you that Resume Docket provides links to a variety of career and job resources. However, Resume Docket’s privacy statement does not describe or encompass the privacy policy of these career web sites. We suggest that you go over the privacy statement of each and every site before they disclose your personal data.

What Our Privacy Policy Addresses:
This main concern addressed in our privacy policy addresses includes how your personal information is collected, used, secured and stored. Kindly read through the following sections in order to ascertain more about our Privacy Policy and why we collect your personal information.
How Your Personal Information Is Collected
Your personal information is collected when you:
• Use our services
• Visit our website.

While you browse our site, your domain name and address, IP address, length of your visit, the pages you visit, as well as the type of browser you use, will altogether be automatically registered by our web server. None of this information identifies you as a person.
Information that we will ask you for includes your personal and contact information, your career background, current employment goals, and your credit card information.

How Your Information Is Used
We collect your standard information, such as your IP address and browser type, for statistic purposes alone. Overall, this data is used for:

• Responding to your inquiries.
• Providing the services you need.
• Providing efficient customer service.

There is absolutely no way that we will ever reveal any of your information, such as your personal information, credit card details and your contacts to any third party.

Use of Internet Cookies

A vast majority of commercial sites depend on cookies to track visitors’ traffic. Cookies are able to identify just the computer you access a site from, and in no way can they access your personality. They develop a record of the pages of a given web site you view, and they also log the time duration of your visit.

You can have complete control over cookies by disallowing or allowing them to track your browsing. You can adjust the settings of your computer so that it accepts all cookies or never receives any. However, by never receiving any cookies, the disadvantage is that you may not be able to avail certain services.

How Your Information Remains Secured and Protected

On purchasing our services, you will be asked for your credit card information. All the transactions carried out with your credit card are handled by licensed secure server software. This prevents any risk of your credit card data being revealed to a third party.

Do go over our Terms and Conditions for further details regarding our policy pertaining to the use of clients’ information. We recommend that you check this policy as part of completing your order. We would like to inform you that your credit card details are not recorded by our systems in any way; they are handled solely by our credit card processor,

Possible Changes to Our Current Privacy Statement

Resume Docket withholds the right to change this privacy statement every once in a while. We request you to view this page regularly in order remain informed of any possible changes we bring to our privacy policy.

Contact Us If You Have Any Questions

If you have any questions or suggestions related to the current privacy policy or any of our practices, please feel free to email us at

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