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Resume Docket supports its resume writing service with comprehensive industry specific knowledge, one-on-one communication with our customers and a completely result-driven approach. Let our experts take your raw details and put them together to form a job-winning resume.
Interview tips
08 / OCT / 2010

6 Interview Mistakes By: Eric Sullivan
Even after passing the first test for a job, that it the resume and cover letter part, when you are invited for an interview a lot of people fail to get the job even though they might ..Read more

50 important tips for a successful interview By: Eric Sullivan
Get the appropriate directions to the interview site at least one day ahead of the interview appointment... Read more

Acing the Interview By: Cindy Smith
If you want to blow a job interview, the easiest way to do so is to arrive late for your appointment. Dressing inappropriately can also have the same results... Read more

Basic Interview Skills By:Bryan Goldberg
Good communication is vital for a good interview; you need to know what you want, and you also must know the reason you are there. You must also be able to get this across to ...Read more

Career Advice
08 / OCT / 2010

How to ask for a salary increase By:Cindy Smith
A salary is a form of periodic payment from a future employer, to an employee, which may be clearly mentioned in an employment contract. It is distinguished with piece ..Read more

How to ask for an Increment in Salary By: Eric Sullivan
Don't strike into the boss' room with a request for increment. Plan an appointment and have a strategy in mind as how to go about it. Speak to trusted colleagues and friends ..Read more

How to Write a Salary History By: Bryan Goldberg
When the question arises as to how is a salary history written? The way you write it, isn't as important as how you explain the numbers you give and when you reveal the ... Read more

08 / OCT / 2010

5 Common Mistakes while Writing a Resume By: Eric Sullivan
While applying for the job and writing a resume, you are the product, and your resume is the marketing piece that markets you the way you advertise it. To find your perfect job... Read more

7 Tips to write a resume By: Eric Sullivan
Writing a resume is an intimidating task for everyone, so don't worry, you're not alone. What makes writing a resume difficult is to knowing what to include, what not to, what to... Read more

A well written resume By: Cindy Smith
A well-written resume is one that contains information that is required by the concerning employer and the information that is required for the particular job post. It is not very.. Read more

A winning Resume should be like.. By: Bryan Goldberg
If you want to win an invitation to interview, it is very important to have a winning resume. A well-written resume is the first step to an interview call as the employer might...Read more

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